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4@ Den Danske Bank (DK) - market reports throughout the day. Reports from the Danish stock market (morning/midday/
        closing), Scandinavian and international. Comments on the Danish bond market (morning/midday/closing).
3@ SparNord (DK) - here you can get comments on the Danish stock market, bond market and currency market. There
        is also a macro comment.
1@ Copenhagen Stock Exchange (DK) - stock market report limited to monthly comments (and those are even tame).

4@ Christiania Markets (NO) - Here you get a daily stock report (in Norwegian) and a weekly market report (in English).
4@ Oslo Stock Exchange (NO) - you get short comments throughout the day on the stock market.
2@ Delphi (NO) - weekly stock market and macro comments.

4@ Yahoo (SE) - Stock market reports (also morning reports) and company news mainly provided by Reuters.
4@ Delphi (SE) - daily stock market report.
Nordic Forecasts - detailed analysis and research on the longterm economic, political and business outlook for the
        four main Nordic countries.
6@ CNNfn - Market reports on Europe, Asia, US and US tech stocks. Even possible to view market updates through
        streaming video. There is also an market calender of whats happening the current week in the US market place.
5@ Bloomberg - a site which offer energy (login), stock and streaming video market report. Some you have
        to register to view.
4@ - on their markets page they have many market reports (US/international/stock/bond). Among them
        an extensive market roundup report which is worth while checking out. BUT not everything is free!
4@ - Internet stock report every day, plus an archive for past reports.
4@ - market reports posted at open, midday and closing (both stocks and bonds). has a
        quite good market calender where you get to see consensus and review the actual numbers, when they are out.
2@ Polyconomics, Inc. - analyzes the impact of political decisions on financial markets and real economies in the           U.S., Japan, and 14 emerging markets in Latin America/Asia.
@ Intelligent Market Timer - market timing service providing daily forecast on S&P 500 index.
@ Macroeconomic Advisers - current economic information, forecasts, and commentary, including our weekly
        economic commentary, model overview, technical, and policy papers.
@ Princeton Economics International - services include market analysis and economic forecasting.
@ Bank of Montreal Economic Research and Analysis - analysis on Canada, United States and international
@ Country Reports on Economic Practice and Trade Practices - from the U.S. State Department.

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